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Lost places

Walking into an abandoned building is a special feeling. You wonder who lived there and what happened to them. Why was the building left to be reclaimed by nature and the elements? Come with me on a trip down memory lane and make up your own story about the pictures in this section.

Samsung S7

"Why do you need a camera, when you have an iPhone" - many photographers heard that before and most of them shake their heads and some take phone-photography to another level. Certain things can't be done with an iPhone or any phone camera, but it is rather handy. I own a Samsung Galaxy S7 and the camera is just brilliant, no comparison to my old phone. My special interest with this camera are close ups and macro shots. For them I use an MPOV Macro lens, which is placed above the phone camera. I couldn't get the same effect with a "real" camera and all of the macro shots are SOOC. Indulge yourself on these beautiful colours.


I love animals. Big or small, flying or crawling. And I love photographing them. An old wisdom from the film industry: Never work with Children or animals. I do both and I love it!


Unfortunately I don't spend as much time on street photography as I would like to, but every now and then I get out "hunting". I am more of an admirer of other great street photographer. Anyway I hope you enjoy the small selection.


I love photographing inanimate objects. Either I find them somewhere or I arrange them myself. Most of them are everyday objects, unappreciated and overlooked, out of place of in perfect shape. It could just be a chain or a lost teddy, somebody fixed to a fence to be found again.


I am not really good at architectural photography and Ireland is not particularly rich in architectural highlights, however I can appreciate style and a little bit as with cars, I prefer the really old and the really new ones. Classic round and pomp styles one the one side and cool, edgy structures on the other. Embrace. (I am aware that a professional architectural photographer would rather cringe than embrace :D )